Course curriculum

It consists of four modules: Everything from basics to advanced, to get you started and progress in this business. This is the only course of its type for aspiring box designers

    1. Intro to Module Two:

    2. Lesson One: Paper & Board, Recycled Liners

    3. Lesson Two: Kraft & White Liners

    4. Lesson Three: Grammages and Soak Test

    5. Lesson Four: Board. The Nitty Gritty

    6. Lesson Five: Strength & Characteristics of board

    7. Lesson Six: A little bit of science about Box Compression

    8. Lesson Seven: Regulations

Contact me below, via 'Ask Mick' on WhatsApp it's for general open chat, it's not private. For confidential chats use email: [email protected] If you have trouble downloading or viewing Videos please contact me asap

  • £147.00
  • 9 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
  • Module One is an Intro to the Academy. Module Two is for Newbies or recently started designers. It give you basics about paper, board and so on. It's a foundation to go on to Module three & four

Course created by Mick Parkes

Contact me: [email protected] AND also on: Ask Mick on WhatsApp

A Lack of Trained Designers will Cost you Money

A unique A to Z of corrugated box design based on 5 decades of experience, learning, teaching, mistakes, designing for most users, large and small & managing design teams